What is Grabtalk?

Grabtalk is your local virtual assistant helping you get more out of your time whether you're on a trip or living abroad.

Simply message Grabtalk what you need help with and we'll start sorting things out straight away.


What kind of service can Grabtalk offer?

We can offer different service just like

Travel:  Air Ticket, Train Ticket, etc.

Car Service:  Ride (Uber, Didi alike), Rental Car, etc.

Food & Drink:  Food Delivery, Coffee Delivery.

Accommodation:  Hotel and Hostel Booking.

Entertaining:  Movie, Museum, Sport Event, Concert tickets.

Online Shopping:  Electronic, Grocery, Kitchenware, Furniture, Clothes, Alcohol, etc.

Reservation:  Restaurant , SPA, Massage, Manicure, etc.

Home Service:  House Keeping, Home Massage, Home Repair, etc.

Utility Service:  Cell Phone, Electricity, QQ Coin, etc.

And any other things you want.


What is the service time?

Our service time is from 8am to 11pm (Beijing Time, GMT+8).


Where can I use Grabtalk?

Hong Kong,
Japan (Private Beta),
Korea (Private Beta),
Taiwan (Private Beta),
San Francisco (Private Beta).


How does Grabtalk charge us?

Grabtalk partners with selected service providers and vendors to provide best quality and value for expats and travellers in China.

They offer an additional discount, up to 10%, exclusively for their premier members.


Can I change or cancel my order?

You can change or cancel your order without extra charge before confirming or placing the order. Otherwise you have to pay change/canceling fee depends on the policy of individual product and service.

For car services, you may cancel your request without charge for up to 5 mins after your confirmation. You will be charged 10 yuan if the cancellation is made after 5 mins.


Which kind of payment methods we support?

We take online payment, e.g.,

American Express card,
WeChat Wallet,
Bank Tranfer.


Is my credit card information safe?

We don’t store your credit card information. All payment processing is handled by Stripe. And the information exchange between Stripe and Grabtalk is based on encrypted protocol, please go to Stripe for details.


Do I have to pay before I enjoy the service?

We charge you according to the type of service and the vendors. Most service should be paid in advance such as food delivery, shopping online, train tickets and so on. Car services are exceptions. You are charged upon arrival.